Market Anthropology: the 1335/1340 Hinge

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the 1335/1340 Hinge

Market blew through the hourly resistance yesterday and pulled up to the daily ~ 1340. In the last several months – the market has traded along the 1335/1340 hinge with great reflection on both sides of the tape. There should be a resolution regardless of the comparison study in the next few sessions. 

Food for thought – will know soon enough if this is just misapplied cognitive bias. The analog to the 2007 tape works in the sense of a momentum driven market – not comparing economic conditions per say, although the recent action in the financials is noteworthy. I have been trading around it and waiting for a resolution (negative bias).

Overall, the equity markets are currently reflecting impressive relative strength to the dislocation in the CRB and the bleeding weakness in the financials. Anecdotally, the market has a way of fooling the obvious and will likely follow the commodity market lower – it’s just a matter of timing. Analogs such as these reflect similar momentum internals – the difference in outcomes typically relies on an extraneous catalyst or lack there of. Stay Frosty. 


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