Market Anthropology: Relative Exuberance

Friday, April 15, 2011

Relative Exuberance

In case you were wondering…
I went the full monty at silver today, courtesy of ZSL. 

  • 4/19 Update:
 To catch what will likely be a violent reversal, drawdown on this kind of leveraged trading vehicle during its blowoff stage is expected. Because I don’t actively manage the position and it is standing without extraneous margin – I am comfortable with significant erosion of the position before the reversal materializes. This is a HIGHLY speculative and HIGH RISK position that will trade like an option.

  • 4/27 Update: 

    My cost basis for this trade now stands at 15.12 for ZSL. My initial position was purchased at 17.86 on 4/15. I bought three additional equal tranches this week at 14.12, 15.34 and 13.16. My trades were disclosed in real-time on Twitter (here)

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