Market Anthropology: Growing Pains

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Pains

From Weinergate to the financial markets, most of us overcomplicate things. Some call it narcissism. It appears to be the hallmark of our times. Perhaps it’s just the technology or more likely we have yet to adapt to its resource. 

“Will we ever?” – remains the standing question posed by the social anthropologists. So far we are clearly not winning 😉    

Tweet, text, type, trade. Tweet, text, type, trade. Tweet, text, type, trade.  

Oh and how we like to trade. Just look at any volume chart of the indices over the past decade and you will arrive at one conclusion – we trade like we tweet; all too often and with perfunctory ability to go anywhere. Granted a great deal of volume is inflicted from the HFT algorithmic trading platforms that have taken over a system that was not too long ago predicated on personal relationships. The genie is out of the bottle in that respect, both in terms of social media and the markets – it just remains to be seen if it’s constructive or destructive to progress. 
BTW – I am complicit to all of it. I am merely thinking out loud and wondering where we go from here.