Market Anthropology: the Unified Field Theory

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the Unified Field Theory

I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I take myself too seriously. 

I don’t. 

And while I am quite serious about the work that goes into formulating my approach to the market, I also enjoy presenting my thoughts in an artful and creative fashion. 

I am a scientist by training. 

I was a geologist in the remediation and geotechnical engineering field for the better part of a decade – while I was also an independent and active trader. During those years, I noticed an overlap in the approach taken to delineate and characterize contamination (insert joke here), that could successfully be applied to the financial markets. 

Both fields utilized qualitative and quantitative methods of understanding intricate, yet connected, systems to determine future expectations of a given study. From my perspective, there’s a great deal of misunderstanding applied to the market today, that although are quite entangled – are rather logical and intuitive to understand. 

These theories make up my unified approach towards the current market environment. You could call it my Unified Field Theory. 

All the physicists needed to do was remove gravity from the equation. 

To learn more about my method of madness, you can read and watch the “theories” in succession. Each piece builds on the previous work.