Market Anthropology: Steve Leuthold

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Steve Leuthold

I try not to absorb too much outside market commentary from individual money managers. It’s not that I think I am better than their work – I just would prefer not to be overly influenced by another investors perspective. As we are all keenly aware of, most market participants talk their own books. Why should I let it influence my individual methodology and approach – if our investments thesis and goals are worlds apart? 

With that said, I do listen to whatever Steve Leuthold says with Doberman-like attention. His deep history with the market and unparalleled record for presciently walking ahead of it, speaks for itself. 

Here’s a rather interesting clip of him I mashed up from March 4, 2009 on Bloomberg Television. It’s well worth four minutes of your day; considering he runs through our past, present and potentially future market conditions – all the while commenting from the front row seat of the Financial Armageddon train, that was running a multi billion dollar book on March 4, 2009.